History of Base Conversions Script
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Author - Russell Owen
Email: owen@astro.washington.edu

Summary: Reorganized base conversions.



"dec: base 10" #'10'Ub;
"hex: hexadecimal (base 16)" #'16'Ub;
"bin: binary (base 2)" 2Ub;
"_not: bitwise complement, 32 bit" ?1#'4294967295'^;
"and: bitwise and" ?2&;
"or: bitwise or" ?2|;
"xor: bitwise exclusive or" ?2^;
"A: 10 hexadecimal" KA;
"B: 11 hexadecimal" KB;
"C: 12 hexadecimal" KC;
"D: 13 hexadecimal" KD;
"E: 14 hexadecimal" KE;
"F: 15 hexadecimal" KF;

modified by Russell Owen on  2004-10-18 13:13:11

Author - Russell Owen
Email: rowen@u.washington.edu
Webpage: http://www.astro.washington.edu/rowen/
Download: Bases.pdb
Summary: Reorganized base conversions.

Bases offers the following functions for working with and converting between decimal, hexadecimal and binary numbers:
dec hex bin (set current base)
not and or xor
A B C D E F (hexadecimal digits)

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