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If all you want to do is download and use the scripts, and don't care about the source, simply click on the "download" link. If you want the source, be aware that many of my scripts are over 1 kbyte in size and will not fit in the Palm OS cut & paste buffer. If you have an older Palm, there are Hacks to increase the buffer size. If you have one of the newer machines, hacks don't work. Instead I highly recommend the latest version of "Clip PRO". It works very well.

Note: If you have RPN 3.50 or later you can paste scripts in to RPN's script editor part by part provided you make sure the script is always valid (by having a dummy title and button at the end). --Russ Webb

Curve Fit (Nonlinear Regression)
This script will perform a general iterative nonlinear fit of a data set to virtually any single variable function stored as a macro. Up to 9 fit parameters can be specified in the function, and up to 114 data points entered.

Download the pdb file:CurveFit.PDB

Numerical Integration & Summation

Oct. 5, 2004- corrected an upper limit error in the Sum routine. (Now v1.2) Thanks Len.

This is a small script that will do a numerical integration, or a term by term summation, of the function stored as a macro. The upper and lower limits are specified by the user. The integration is a closed Romberg algorithm, but modified to explicitely treat integrable singularities found not only at the end points, but within the specified limits.

Go to:IntegrateSum.rpn
or Download:Integrate_Sum.PDB

Probability & Statistics
I have collected a few useful routines here. They are:
Binomial coefficients
Combinations & Permutations
Sigma to integrated upper tail normal distribution (& the inverse)
Factorial & double factorial
3 type of means
3 type of deviations

Go to:Prob_Stat.rpn
or Download:Prob_Stat.PDB

This routine will not only find roots (zeros) of functions numerically (to about 10 significant digit accuracy), it will also find local maxima and minima. Finally, it will extract roots of cubic and quadratic polynomials, including complex roots.

Go to:Roots.rpn
or Download:Roots.PDB

Complex #
This is my version of a complex number script.

Go to:Complex_#.rpn
or Download:Complex_#.PDB

RPN does not handle vectors and matrices as a data type, but this script can do simple operations, including inversion, on matrices. Perhaps more useful, it can solve a system of linear equations. Enter data as shown in Help mode for the "solve" button.

Go to:matrix.rpn
or Download:Matrix.PDB

Number Theory functions
This script is a collection of various number theoretical functions, including:
-least common multiple
-greatest common divisor
-prime factor extraction
-list all divisors
The modulo function built into RPN is NOT designed to work with really big numbers. Try 123456789012345678 modulo 123456189012345678 for example. I have rewritten this function to give accurate results with 18 digits. "lcm" and "gcd" will also work correctly with 18 digit numbers.
Note: the prime factor function will take a very long time to run on huge numbers when the next factor is also large, and divisor will choke on even smaller numbers. These are brute force routines, nothing fancy. Just be aware that execution times will vary acording to your specific machine.

Go to:Number_Theory.rpn
or Download:Number_Theory.PDB

Unit Converter
This is my version of a unit converter.

Go to:UnitConverter.rpn
or Download:UnitConverter.PDB

Time Value of Money
I like to have total control of as many financial options as possible, which is why I wrote this script. It allows the user to separately set the compounding period and the payment period. For example, you can set coumpounding to daily and payments to every two weeks. The initialize button, puts everything back to it's common, default setting.

Go to:TVM.rpn
or Download:TVM.PDB

Dew Point
This is an odd script that takes any combination of air temperature, relative humidity, heat index, or dew point, and computes other values, where it is possible to do so. I wrote it because many weather forcasters don't give dew point in their current conditions.

Go to:DewPoint.rpn
or Download:DewPoint.PDB

This is a nearly useless script that I wrote when I had nothing to do on a weekend. It can determine if a logical syllogism, ie "all wargs are buffors, some shronks are wargs, therefore ...", and tell you if the syllogism form is valid or invalid, and what can be said regarding it's truth value.
Warning: Do not use this as a way to impress girls at a party! Trust me!

Go to:Syllogism.rpn
or Download:Syllogism.PDB

Please contact me with questions or to report any bugs in these programs:

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