Discrete Math Script
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Author - Noe Ramos
Email: nramos@geocities.com

Summary: Some interesting Discrete Mathematics functions.

Instructions: x! - Factorial of x.
sumx - Sum of first x integers starting in 1.
Hx - Harmonic xth number.
C(y, x) - Combinations (y - 2nd. place in stack).
P(y, x) - Permutations (y - 2nd. place in stack).


RPN.1.b \ Discrete Math
"Discrete Math"
"Discrete Math"D'\Discret Math Functions\by (c)DiviProv'V;
"_x!: Standard factorial\(x*(x-1)*(x-2)...1)"CfCs;
"_sumx: Sum of first x integers\(1+2+...+x)"Xaxaxa1+*2/Cs;
"_Hx: Harmonic number\(1+1/2+...+1/x)" ChCs;
"C(y,x): Combinations\from x of y" XbXaxaCfxbCf/xaxb-Cf/Cs;
"P(y,x): Permutations\from x of y" XbXaxaCfxaxb-Cf/Cs;