History of Scientific Functions Script
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modified by Russ Webb on  2004-04-22 21:06:07

Author - Russell Owen
Email: owen@astro.washington.edu

Summary: Reorganized scientific funtions for RPN.



"_log: log base 10" ?1L;
"_10^: 10 to the power x" ?155+r2P;
"_ln: natural log" ?1l;
"_e^: e to the power x " ?1e;
"_sin: sine" ?1i;
"_cos: cosine" ?1o;
"_tan: tangent" ?1a;
"_asin: arcsine" ?1I;
"_acos: arccosine" ?1O;
"_atan: arctangent" ?1A;
"pi" Cp;
"_d>r: degrees to radians" ?1#'180'/Cp*;
"_r>d: radians to degrees" ?1Cp/#'180'*;
"hyp: hyperbolic trig" ?1VD'hyperbolic|sin|cos|tan|asn|acs|atn|CNL|'

modified by Russell Owen on  2004-10-18 13:05:52

Author - Russell Owen
Email: rowen@u.washington.edu
Webpage: http://www.astro.washington.edu/rowen/
Download: RO_Scientific.pdb
Summary: Reorganized scientific funtions for RPN.

RO Scientific offer the following scientific functions in one panel: pi, log (log base 10), 10^x, ln (natural log), e^x, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, rad<->deg conversion, decimal hours<->h:m: conversion.

h:m:s is displayed as ...h.mmssff...
- ...h is one or more digits of hours
- mm is 2 digits of minutes
- ssfff is two digits of seconds followed by fractional seconds