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Scripts In PDB Format
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The Scripts page actually contains links to download scripts in PDB format.  Using a recent version of RPN (3.50 or later) you can export or install extra scripts using PDB files.

Installing a Script:
   1. download the .pdb file
   2. hotsync the .pdb file onto your device
   3. run RPN on the device and it will import the new scripts

Creating a .pdb File to Distribute:
   1. select Edit... from the Script menu in RPN
   2. select Export from the menu in the Scripter
You can export multiple scripts to one export file in order to distribute groups of scripts as one downloadable file.

If you are the author of one of a script, you should keep your script PDB file updated as you change your script rather than edit the source code on the coweb page.  The older technique of editing the code on the coweb is harder for you and for people using your script.  Also the source can easily be extracted from the PDB file, so posting your code doesn't even serve as a useful backup.

If you feel your code is educational and what it posted for that reason then please create a tutorial page called something like, How To XYZ, and put your code sample there.

In order to upload to the coweb, your .pdb files names should not contain spaces because of a bug in the URL generation code.  Simply replace spaces with '-' or '_' and the links will be fine.  

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