Simple Complex Math Script
Webb - all rights reserved - ©2004
Author - Shin Katsumata

Summary: Set of Complex Math Functions

Instructions: This code implments a set of four basic math functions for complex number and conversion of coordinate system between cartesian(R) and polar(P). A complex number is represented using two registers. X (top register) contains the real value and Y is imaginary value. In polar notation, X is magnitude and Y is phase. "CLRx" clears two registers at a time.

I wrote this script long ago to meet my need. Now there are better scripts available. I use " Complex Arithmetic Script" written by Dr. Ray Franco

"+" k4r4r2k3+k3+r2;
"-" k4r4r2k3-k3-r2;
"x" k4r4g1g5*g4g4*+r2r4*r3r4*-;
"" k4r4g1g1*g3g1*+g2g6*g4g6*-g2/r3r5*r4r5*+r3/;
">R" r2g1ig3*r2or3*;
"CLRx" d1d1;