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Equate is an advanced algebraic expression oriented calculator with programming, solving, and graphing. Please register if you find Equate useful.

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  • Save and reuse common equations
  • Graphing, Iteration, and Solving
  • History of results and equations
  • Graphing, Iteration, and Solving
  • No need for MathLib
  • Requires Palm OS 3.5 or later
  • Submit your own equations
Equate is designed to be intuitive to use. You build complete algebraic expressions and then evaluate them rather than trying to remember where you are in doing a calculation. Equate's smart editor helps you by understanding the syntax of the equation, giving you help text, and disallowing syntactically invalid input.

Menu Commands

equate menu
Information about Equate and registration.
options dialog
Set the application options. The Home Group should be set to your favorite group to display. The Quick Group should be set to a group that you need frequent but less predictable access to. If Play Sounds is ON, Equate will play a sound when an addition to an equation is rejected. The Reinstall button will recreate the default equations.
Beam Equate or the current equation group to another device.

Equation Tool…
equation tool dialog
Operate on individual equations. Choose the action and specify the group and equation to act on, then press the Ok button. The Use action inserts any function (even hidden ones) into equations.
Group Tool…
group tool dialog
Operate on equation groups. Choose the action and specify the group to act on, then press the Ok button.

Special Buttons

Graph, Solve, Iterate, IterateN
Using these commands you can graph, solve, or iterate the current equation. Iterate will use the currently displayed result as input to your equation and Solve uses the current result as a starting point (falling back to zero if none is found from there). All these operations require that the current equation have exactly one unknown. Within the graph display you can also solve, probe, and change the graph bounds. See RPN's documentation since the functionality is almost identical: (tools, bounds, solving)
Quick Group
The Quick Group button allows you access to equations without switching to that group.
The home button displays your the equation group you defined as your Home Group in the Preference Panel.
name dialog

Here you can choose a name for an unknown in your equation. There are quick buttons for some common names at the top.
format dialog

Here you can set formatting options for the display of numbers.
There is a history list for results and for equations. Tap the history buttons to the right of the equation and result areas to reuse previous values.


You program Equate by saving newly created equations using the "Equations..." menu. Equations and Groups whose names begin with an '_' are invisible. There is no way to access an invisible group (so don't create one), but invisible equations are useful for hiding utility equations that you may reference from more than one equation.

If you'd like to distribute your created equations, just hotsync your Palm OS device and distribute the file called Yequ_GroupName.pdb found in the backup directory on your desktop.

Changes by Version

v1.01 - v1.10:
  • Larger font for equation display.
  • Drag and Drop.
  • Hi-res Interface.
  • Conversion equations no longer a separate database.
  • Close parentheses will toggle parentheses surrounding the entire completed equation.
  • Changed home icon.
  • Insertion point is initialized in dialogs.
  • Upper-case user equations are now allowed.
  • This manual!
v1.00 - v1.01:
  • Results are now converted to numbers for editing when tapped.
  • Improved finding of starting conditions in Solver.
  • Fixed serious graphing glitches caused by setting CW optimizer above level 2.
  • Results auto-update when numerical format is changed.
  • Previous results are now saved correctly in equations.
  • Display red-dot on rejected input.
  • Fixed bug in using Quick Group.
  • Changed Home button graphic.
  • Registration code field is a single line field.
  • Added help text to most forms.
  • Changed about dialog icon to high-res.
  • Import old equations discarding ones with previous result references (since those references were broken in v.100).
v0.00 - v1.00:
  • Everything is new.

equate icon
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