RPN 3.62

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RPN is an advanced, programmable postfix calculator with solving and graphing. Please register if you find RPN useful.

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At least read the section on Drag & Drop.

Major Features


  • Postfix
  • Graphing
  • Solving
  • Programmable
  • Recordable

  • Hi-res interface
  • Customizable colors

  • Scientific and engineering functions
  • Conversion functions
  • Finance (TVM) functions
  • Many format and base options
  • Script editor

  • No need for MathLib
  • Palm OS 3.1 or later
  • High precision
  • 112k in size

Major Changes

Version 3.60 -> 3.62 changes:
  • Recordings now remember and replay the choices made in dialogs rather than present the dialog again.
  • Fixed About... dialog display in Palm OS 3.x.
  • Fixed key shortcuts for + and x^2.
  • Improved accuracy of temperature conversions involving F degrees.
  • Fixed Reinstall All... scripts menu action.
  • Added 'UDx' bcode to queue up the choice for the next dialog.
  • Fixed timer problem in About dialog.
Version 3.55 -> 3.60 changes:
  • Improved and expanded built-in scripts:
    • New Time Value of Money (TVM) functions.
    • New Conversion script with over 400 conversions.
    • New Time script with time arithmetic.
  • Updated manual with script descriptions and new scripting information.
  • Improved RPN scripting language:
    • New RPN.4 format.
    • Valid subroutine names in RPN.4 code are any combination of printable, non-whitespace characters *not* in this list: "()'[]`{};
    • New RPN version bcode: Mv
    • Scripts can have upto 255 globals now, accessed with the x@ and X@ bcodes and defined in groups of 10 by capital letters in the header: RPN.4.B = 20 globals
    • Subroutines have precedence over locals now.
    • Removed single character access to globals.
    • Added single character subroutine calls by name.
    • Depricated .set and .make for local variables.
    • Added "=name" syntax for setting locals.
    • Local variable names restricted to [a-z|0-9|A-Z] and cannot start with a digit.
    • Depricated RPN.3 syntax because RPN.4 syntax is easier to use.
    • Return stack increased to 128 elements from 12. i.e. More recursion depth.
    • Fixed bug in using locals of same name in diffent scripts.
    • Changed the button for breaking into a running script from Enter to the Record button.
  • Improved Script menu commands.
  • Removed warning on tapping empty stack location.

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