Tangle 1.02

Tangle is a shareware puzzle game of endless variations for Palm OS. Please register if you enjoy the game.

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Basic Gameplay

  • Millions of unique puzzles
  • Limitless difficulty
  • Customizable playing style
  • Unlimited undos
  • Beam challenges to friends
  • Grayscale compatible
  • Requires Palm OS 3.5 or later
  • Design your own puzzles
In brief, your goal in Tangle is to clear the tangle of paths by moving tokens along the paths. Tokens erase paths of matching color and cannot pass or overlap each other. There are various items within the puzzle which may assist or thwart your efforts. Along the way you collect items and earn points (which may be used to purchase items). The rules of play are broken down below. Good luck!
  • A collection is a set of boards to be played in order.
  • Each board is composed of paths, items, and tokens.
  • The goal is to remove all the paths by moving tokens around the board using items along the way:
    • Everything on the board has a color: white, red, green, or blue.
    • Tokens (tokens) can only move on paths.
    • When a token moves over a path of the same color it removes the path.
    • There is can be at most one selected token (selected tokens).
    • The selected token can be moved by tapping on a destination or dragging the token.
    • When a token reaches the end of a path it vanishes.
    • Items are activated when a token moves onto them.
    • All items disappear after being activated.
    • Items and tokens that are not attached to paths can be moved to any empty location by either tapping them and then a destination, or by dragging.
    • Items have a variety of effects that may be color dependant (white items match any color):
      • paint (paint) - changes a token's color to the color of the paint.
      • skulls (skulls) - destroy a token of matching color.
      • portals (portals) - portals move items and tokens off of paths; moving a portal onto an item or token will activate the portal on that item or token.
      • notes (scroll) - display a message.
      • stores (store) - allows you to buy and sell items.
    • Stores are entered by tapping them, and items can be sold by dropping them onto a store.
    • When there are no intersections of paths and no items, Tangle will auto-complete the level.
  • Once all paths are removed the next board from the collection will be loaded.
  • Items other than portals that are left when the board is complete will be transferred to the next board.
  • You get points for each board solved which can be used to buy extra items in boards with a store.

Menu Commands

All these menu commands can be executed by entering the shortcut key as a simple graffiti stroke. Undo can also be executed with the space graffiti stroke.

tangle menu
Information about Tangle and registration.
A very simple description of the rules.
Beam Tangle or the current collection to another device.
Set the sound options.

Make Collection…
Create a new collection.
Remove Collection…
Remove information about the current collection.

Previous Board
Goto the previous board in the collection.
Next Board
Goto the next board in the collection.

Restart Board
Undo all the moves on this board.
Undo Step
Go back to the board state before the last action.

Tangle Changes by Version

v1.01 - v1.02:
  • Fixed bug in the Credits display in the store.
v1.00 - v1.01:
  • Fixed a drawing bug on the Treo 270.

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